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Karina Nava

President of NAVA Insurance Services, Inc | President of A Tiempo Payroll | Enrolled Agent | Insurance Agent

Financial Analyst

“Desde pequeña sabia que iba a continuar con el legado que crearon mis papas. Al terminar mis estudios empecé en la compañía NAVA Services Group a trabajar como Preparadora de Impuestos. Ejercí esta profesión por 10 anos y actualmente estoy involucrada en el crecimiento de nuestras empresas.”

-Karina Nava EA

She has obtained her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics from Chapman University. She is also an Enrolled Agent and holds multiple Insurance Licenses in multiple States throughout the United States.

Her diverse and friendly personality have permitted her to bring life to businesses, and also be part of multiple companies and organizations where she can be of service to others and mentor others.

Karina Nava brings a multifaceted approach to every company she is part of. With her ample business background and her passion of training others and generosity this permits her to develop amazing relationships with everyone.

Since she was a young girl she was clear she was going to lead the enterprises her family had already established, so when she graduated college she immediately integrated to the family businesses.